Why Painting Contractors Need SEO for Long-Term Business Success

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As a painting contractor, you rely on local clients to keep your business afloat. With the World Wide Web opening the gateway to instantaneous mass communication, you no longer need to knock door-to-door for painting leads. By leveraging the power of the modern digital ecosystem, of which Google is king, forward-looking contractors can easily skyrocket client acquisition by ranking their websites high in online search engine results. And anyone is welcome to come along.

Mastering Google’s language is the key to advertising success in 2022. Join us as we dive deep into the ins and outs of local SEO for painting contractors, what to expect from industry experts, and more.

Know Your Customer

It has been said before yet bears repeating: knowing your customer is the cornerstone of any successful business venture. Modern marketing for contractors revolves around three main pillars: providing truly exceptional service, befriending Google and engaging the target audience. None of this is possible without first delving deep into the innermost fears and passions of the people you wish to address.

All marketing traps many companies fall into stem from their lack of affinity with the customer. A reliable team of SEO professionals should arm themselves with an in-depth understanding of your local audience to craft robust marketing strategies around their unique queries. After all, how can you come up with a stellar value proposition unless you know who you’re talking to?

Art of Storytelling

Ever wondered why humans have always loved crafting stories? With storytelling being such an inalienable part of our daily lives, it’s hard to sit back and reflect- what is it about our connection to stories that if we picture them disappearing, we seem to vanish with them?

Your painting business is far more than the actual service you’re providing; it is a story. It is a story of your background, how you got to where you are now, what your values are, what colors you like, what your clients think of you, and more. A reliable SEO firm should possess an eagle-eye for deciphering the strongest points of your overall story, helping you narrate your values in a way that informs and inspires. Today, amid relentless competition- with a flood of painting contractors vying for the attention of your local audience- crafting a better narrative is your secret weapon.

If you question the power of storytelling, watch Subaru do it in 30 seconds. Powerful. And this is exactly what a reliable SEO agency can do for your painting business. Staying true to your brand ethos, a team of experts can author meaningful content, mind-blowing web design, and a myriad of SEO-friendly campaigns to win both people’s and Google’s hearts.

Now, it’s time to get the word out about your brand narrative on your website and social media.

Designing for the User

The fanciest outfit stashed away in your closet shall rot for good if you don’t wear it to a party. Likewise, no matter how outstanding your painting service, it can fail to reach the intended audience without a one-of-a-kind contractors web design for your painting service. In 2022, a solid online presence can mean the difference between an ever-flourishing painting contractor and one that constantly lags behind.

Website is akin to your digital self, a carefully-crafted manifestation of what you value in your work, an attempt to simultaneously express yourself, connect with your customers and make them fall in love with your painting service. It is therefore critical to partner with SEO experts, who can decipher both what you wish to express and how to get it across to customers. Contractors web design that is visually-appealing and user-friendly; content that is as informative as it is inspiring; technical SEO optimization to help Google easily navigate your site- a trustworthy SEO agency should deliver it all. Plan well, research well, to avoid entrusting your SEO to would-be professionals who can ruin your client acquisition dreams in no time.

Leveraging Social Media

Digital marketing for contractors involves one more essential element: social media presence. Many companies have been rethinking the power of social media for reaching customers on a personal level. Taking a step back from the mere quest for followers and likes, they are increasingly looking for ways to build heart-to-heart relationships with clients via diverse social media platforms. Genuine affinity with the customer is the new trend (resurrected) – and for good.

Tumblr is a platform as old as time itself, yet if that’s what your local audience is using- you should be there. Opt for SEO professionals who are well-versed in social media marketing to help you build meaningful relationships with your local audience and spread the word about your stellar painting service.

The Way Forward: How ADVAN Can Help

We at ADVAN live and breathe SEO. By leveraging industry best practices, we apply bespoke, holistic marketing solutions to rank your painting service #1 on Google. Being a value-first digital marketing agency, we practice what we preach: user-centric web design, insightful content, robust SM marketing and technical optimization- you name it. We craft world-class SEO campaigns to drive ever-increasing organic traffic to your website.

Contact ADVAN today to leverage our team’s years-long expertise in all things SEO for the long-term success of your painting business. Ready to take your SEO walk with us?

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