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Do I Need to Hire a Social Security Attorney Near Me?

If you are considering hiring a social security attorney near me, it’s important to understand the social security process and what’s at stake. Hiring a social security attorney can significantly increase your chances of receiving benefits. However, it’s understandable to be wary of hiring an attorney unless you’re absolutely sure they can help.

Before you hire a social security attorney near me, it helps to understand SSDI/SSI benefits and who exactly qualifies.

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

In general, anyone who is unable to obtain and perform significant work due to a physical or mental disability or both can be eligible for social security disability payments. This disability has to have lasted or be expected to last at least a year unless it is expected to result in death.

Before you can receive social security benefits, you have to have worked and paid into Social Security tax for about five out of the ten years immediately preceding the onset of your disability. This rule changes for workers under 30 with disabilities.

Even if you are not eligible for social security disability benefits, you may still be able to receive supplemental security income (SSI). A social security attorney near me can help you determine if you are eligible for either SSDI or SSI benefits if you are unsure.

The most important element to making your case for receiving benefits is that you provide all the necessary information. You must provide your work experience, you must provide your level of education, and you must show that your disability, physical or mental, impairs your ability to work. You will not receive benefits if you are able to work regularly on a sustained basis, even if you are struggling to get hired.

Receiving Help on Your Case from Social Security Lawyers Near Me

Social security lawyers near me understand these requirements put forth by the Social Security Administration and can help you gather the paperwork and information needed to present a thoughtful case.

However, even if you make a convincing case, it’s common for social security disability claims to end up at the hearing process. A social security attorney near me is not required at the hearing process, but it is a smart way to increase your chances of getting benefits. Most claimants do not hire an attorney for their hearing, but the government’s statistics show that those who do have an attorney near me are far more likely to receive benefits than those without.

A social security hearing is not like a trial. Rather, it’s a chance to present your case in person, in front of a judge. Having legal expertise during this proceeding is invaluable. A social security attorney near me has been through the hearing process countless times with other clients and knows how to navigate any hurdles or confusion you may experience.

There’s no reason to go through this process alone, and with reliable social security attorneys near me, you don’t have to.

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If you are seeking a social security attorney near me, this is the team you can rely on. You deserve quality representation from lawyers who care and will fight for you. Don’t miss your chance to receive benefits. Follow the link below to learn more about MGDP and find the legal counsel you need.

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