Why Choose High-Quality Glass Bricks? | #1 Building Block

What Are Glass Bricks?

Glass bricks are a cutting-edge architectural element that adds natural light and aesthetic to any space. When opposed to standard glass blocks seen in basement windows, a glass brick is a different glass masonry unit. Glass blocks

are hollow on the inside, whereas glass bricks are solid. The form of glass bricks versus glass blocks is another significant distinction. Glass bricks are designed to look and feel like traditional brick building

 blocks while allowing light to pass through.

Glass bricks are excellent for bringing more light into a room and boosting theoverallambiance. Glass bricks can also be utilized to create attractive backdrop elements in a bar or to d

evelop partition walls in work buildings or vet offices.

Why Use Glass Brick In Design

Glass bricks are both a solid structural unit and a stunning design element. Together, these advantages enable architects to design stunning, long-lasting elements in homes and buildings. Two examples of how glass brick can be used in a place are shown below.

Showers Made From Glass Bricks

Glass brick showers are not only beautiful, but they can also be customized. While they are slightly more expensive than a standard shower, you will never again consider a fiberglass insert shower wall again. A glass brick shower adds richness and color to any bathroom while requiring little maintenance. Glass bricks can also provide seclusion from either direction.

 Glass Brick Wall Designs

An accent wall made of glass bricks is one approach to creating a focal point in a room. Glass brick offers the feature of natural light, and has endless design options. Glass bricks are put in a hidden grid in either a stacked or running bond configuration in mortarless glass brick grids. Traditional masonry bricks and glass bricks can be fitted together to create a stunning feature for an even more unique look.

Finding Glass Brick Suppliers Near Me

If you are ready to commit to a glass brick design in your home, you have to find the best glass brick supplier and installer. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, there are many glass brick suppliers in Northeast Ohio ready to help you. Be sure to do your research based on your project needs to develop some background for when you speak with your glass brick installers.

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